Meet Our Clergy

Fr. Paul Rossi, Pastor

I warmly welcome you to this parish community of St. Pius. From the founding of our parish in 1951 to the present, this community of Christian disciples has been a witness to the Catholic faith.

By the gift of baptism, we are called to lead holy lives and serve God and our neighbors. This is a founding principle of St. Pius Church, and it is our hope to develop and nurture a prayerful, caring, and welcoming community rooted in the testimony of the Gospel and the tradition of our faith.

As I welcome you on behalf of our entire parish family, know that we are grateful for your desire to join our community. I invite you to join us at Sunday Mass, as well as daily Mass when your schedule allows, and to participate in our various ministries. I hope that in this church you will find a community who supports you on your journey of faith and a place where you can share your God-given gifts and talents with us.

I encourage you to explore our website and read our Sunday bulletin for more information on parish life and activities, and please, feel most welcome to call upon the parish staff and me to assist you in any way we can.




Fr. Tom Martin, Parochial Vicar

Welcome to St. Pius Church, a dynamic and thriving community of faith here in Redwood City. While we will be celebrating our parish's 65th birthday in 2016, St. Pius has not stopped evolving. We are a strong intergenerational parish community, made up of families and individuals who are pioneers with a strong affinity and identity to both the parish and our school. As with any living community of faith, we continually welcome new families and individuals who seek spiritual and social nourishment and who want to make St. Pius the center of their spiritual lives.

The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, written during Vatican II, speaks of the People of God. As parishioners of St. Pius and as Catholics, we have a special mission to build up God's people. We do this through evangelization, preaching the Good News, and sharing our unique gifts and resources to make the Church a living, loving, and renewed experience of God's love. We do this through our celebration of the Eucharist, the source and summit of our Catholic faith. We do this through our exciting and welcoming parish ministries.

I pray that you will make St. Pius your spiritual home. Our priests and staff are here to support you, encourage you, and pray with you on your journey of faith. God bless!




Fr. Ted Magpayo, Parochial Vicar 

Dear friends, as the song goes: "All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this PLACE". Being the most recent clergy who was welcomed by this community, I in turn welcome those who would like to JOIN us in our community of faith here at St. Pius. As it is known, this parish is an ACTIVE and a VIBRANT one.

In this place, there is "room" for the OLD and the NEW, wherein everyone is willing "to preserve" as well as  to "develop and improve". We will always be grateful to our long-timed parishioners who did the pioneering work to start-up this parish as early as 1951 or even earlier.  Thanks for all their efforts, for the new blood, the new generation is coming in and is benefitting from this. There will always be a time "to pass on the baton to the next runner or runners".

We will always be indebted to the many apostolates and ministries of this parish for their HARDWORK and PRAYERS. God bless you all! 

Let us then unite with the same MISSION regardless of age, culture or differences in background and thank GOD for the giftedness that we recognize in each and everyone.