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Welcome to St. Pius...we're glad you're here!

For Father Tom's message for Sunday, March 29, 2020..........please click here.


  • Starting Monday, March 23, we will livestream TWO daily Masses: 11:00 am in Spanish and 12:00 noon in English.

  • We will livestream daily prayer at 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

  • On Sundays, we will livestream the 9:30am Mass in English and the 11:30am Mass in Spanish.


  • CONFESSIONS: We will offer confessions on Saturday afternoon from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. One priest will be designated to hear confessions in the vestibule of the church. NO MORE THAN ONE PERSON MAY BE IN THE CHURCH AT ANY GIVEN TIME SO OTHERS WILL HAVE TO WAIT OUTSIDE THE MAIN DOORS AREA. REMEMBER, HOWEVER, THAT WE ARE ALL TO BE COMPLIANT WITH THE ‘SHELTER IN PLACE’ DIRECTIVE OF THE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT.

  • ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Priests will be available for this sacrament in cases of emergency.

  • ​​​​FUNERALS, BAPTISMS & WEDDINGS: We are asking to postpone scheduled Funeral Masses and Weddings. If not possible, NO MORE THAN TEN PEOPLE CAN BE IN ATTENDANCE WITH STRICT OBSERVANCE OF COUNTY HEALTH PROTOCOLS.

Our daily Masses are being livestreamed by our priests on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. Click on the St. Pius graphic below to see our Facebook page and make sure to follow us. Also, please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to access our latest content. 






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Weekend Mass Times  

Sunday: 9:30 AM (English) Livestream Only & 11:30 AM (Spanish) Livestream Only

Daily Mass

Monday-Friday: 11:00 AM (Spanish) & 12:00 noon (English) Livestream Only


Daily Prayer

Monday-Friday: 3:00 PM & 6:00 PM


Saturday 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Church vestibule, one person at a time.

Parish Center Office Hours

Closed until Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Our Mission

St. Pius Church is a Catholic community committed to sharing our faith, rooted in the life and love of Jesus and the Gospel. We welcome, unite, and inspire all to enrich their faith through the sacraments and compassionate service to others.

For all Sacraments:

Family must be registered in the parish for at least 6 months and attend Mass regularly.


Upcoming Meetings & Events